Videos by Samantha Dallett

Visual Art Video Instructions with Samantha Dallett

1 – Color Theory

Introduction to primary colors and the way they are combined  to create all other colors.

Materials needed:
–   Worksheet (click here to download the pdf file)
–   Crayons or colored pencils

Student Activity:
–  Listen, watch
–  Complete color wheel on the work sheet

2 – Color Theory 2 and Blind Drawings

Continuation of color blending from previous the session.
Introduction to idea of drawing with eyes closed (blind)

Materials needed:
–   Worksheet from previous session
–   Crayons or colored pencils
–  Blank sheets of paper
–  Simple line object to draw: mug, tumbler, toy

Student Activity:
–  Complete worksheet with blended colors
–  Make abstract line drawing with eyes closed
–  Draw objects while looking at the object but not at the paper

3 – Blind Drawing 2 and Color Schemes

Continuing blind drawings from previous session
Developing color scheme based on color theory and warm and cool colors
Purposefully selecting colors for abstract word

Materials needed:
–   Drawing started in the previous session
–   Drawing pencil and eraser
–  Paper
–  Crayon, colored pencils and/or markers

Student Activity:
–  Complete an abstract drawing using blind Technique
–  Select and apply colors to drawing

4 – Portraits

Viewing portraits by Samantha and several well known artists
Introduction of “Cubism” and the portraits of Picasso
Consideration of PROPORTION in visual design

Materials needed:
–   None

Student Activity:
–  Watch and listen
–  Follow-up assignment – look for face in mirror focusing on proportions: ears, nose, eyes, etc.

5 – Facial Proportions

Students examine their faces giving special attention to size, shape, location and proportion of facial features as they draw their own face.

Materials needed:
–   Drawing pencil and eraser
–  Several sheets of paper

Student Activity:
–  Drawing face with accurate proportions

6 – Self Portrait

Hands on experience drawing a self portrait
Continuation of session on Portraits

Materials needed:
–   Sheet of paper
–  Pencil and eraser
–  Crayons
–  Markers or paint with brushes, water, pallet
–  Photo of self or mirror

Student Activity:
–  Creating a self portrait and background

7 – Print Making


Introduction to Print making
Various kinds of prints: Relief, Planographic, Stenciling
Viewing prints by recognized artists
Leading to discussion of monoprints
Preparation for Monoprint Lesson

Materials needed:
–   None

Student Activity:
–  Watch and listen

8 – Monoprints


Hands on experience making monoprints by creating design on with markers on plastic bag. Then printing to paper.

Materials needed:
–   Covered desk or table top
–  Plastic bag (sandwich size or larger)
–  Several sheets of paper
–  Colored markers
–  Spray bottle with water

Student Activity:
–  Making multiple layer monoprints

9 – Leaf Prints

Hands on experience making prints by applying paint lo leaves of plants and pressing them on paper

Materials needed:
–   Several plant leaves for each student
–  Paint (tempra or acrylic)
–  Paint brush
–  Several sheets of paper

Student Activity:
–  Making Leaf Prints

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