Videos by Kim Miller

Visual Art Video Instructions with Kim Miller

Hand Prints 1st Grade

Introduction of primary colors
Drawing shape of hand with each primary color
Comparison of students’ art with ancient cave drawings

Materials needed:
–   Markers in primary colors
–   Sheet of paper

Student Activity:
–  Drawing outline of hands and filling in with primary colors

Multiple Hands Abstract

Learn about LINE, SHAPE and primary colors while creating an abstract image based on overlapping handprints. Students’ work is compared with ancient cave art.

Materials needed:
–   Paper
–  Markers

Student Activity:
–  Drawing around hand making multiple handprints
–  Coloring Shapes
–  Making an Abstract Work of art

Double Moon

Discussion of warm and cool colors; Shapes and patterns as students create a drawing of a double faced moon

Materials needed:
–   Markers or crayons
–  Sheet of paper

Student Activity:
–  Creating a drawing of a moon: cool colors on one side, warm colors on the other

Corn Cob

Ms. Miller guides students as they draw a large corn cob.
Consideration of shape and pattern in art

Materials needed:
–   Markers or crayons: at least 8 colors
–  Sheet of paper

Student Activity:
–  Drawing and coloring a large corn cob

Water Color Leaf

Follow artist Kim Miller as she creates an abstract image of a leaf using mixed medium of crayon, markers and water color.

Materials needed:
–   Water color paints
–  Blush
–  Cup of water
–  Watercolor paper
–  Crayons
–  Black marker

Student Activity:
–  Create abstract leaf in mixed medium

Warm Days, Cool Nights

Discussion of warm and cool colors.
Creating a drawing of sun and moon depicting day and night

Materials needed:
–   Markers or crayons
–  Sheet of paper

Student Activity:
–  Creating a drawing of a day and night sky using warm and cool colors

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