Arts Alive Music programs are created to foster a general love of music and include teaching the basics of music theory.  The skills learned in these classes assist students as they continue their musical studies, plus they help to develop positive personal attributes that will serve the students well in the future.

Our Music Programs

Callahan Elementary

Dulcimer, Ms. Robyn Nemes 

Callahan Intermediate

Beginning Guitar, Ms. Michelle Bedecarre

Emma Love Hardee Elementary

Beginning Piano, Mr. Solomon Johnson

Hilliard  Elementary

Dulcimer, Ms. Robin Nemes

Yulee Elementary

Beginning Drums & Percussion, Mr. Luis Ocasio

Dulcimer, Ms. Robin Nemes

First Coast Singers, a young peoples communiy chorus, meets Mondays from 5:00pm – 6:15pm, Mr. Jonathon Welch, Director

Wildlight Elementary

Beginning Violin, Mr. Shelby Trevor

Beginning Woodwinds for Band, Ms. Hannah Gibson

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Visual Arts

Arts Alive Nassau’s Visual Arts programs develop skills in the areas of drawing and painting. We bring these classes to elementary students throughout Nassau County who would not have access to this type of instruction. Included in our programming are classes offered during the regular school day, through a contractual agreement with the Nassau County School Board. Our Artist in Residence program will continue to grow in the future!

Our Music Programs

Bryceville Elementary

Art Instructor, Ms. Hannah Keats


Callahan Elementary

Art Instructor, Ms. Libby Chase 

Callahan Intermediate

Art Instructor, Ms. Libby Chase

Emma Love Hardee

Artist in Residence, Ms. Hannah Keats

Hilliard Elementary

Intermediate Drawing & Painting, Art Instructor, Mr. Ed Mosher

Artist in Residence, Ms. Kim Thomas

Southside Elementary

Art Instructor, Ms. Allison Johns

Yulee Elementary

Artist in Residence, Ms. Samantha Dalett

Yulee Primary

“Art Moves” class, combining visual art & movement, Ms. Kate Havel

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For many years, we have been sponsoring a musical each year performed by the second-grade students at Callahan Elementary School. These fun shows are produced by The Baillie Players, a troupe from Inman, South Carolina, and they are directed by Mr. Doug Allen, the school’s music teacher. A few of the other performances at the school have been “Snow White, in the Spring of 2019, “Frosty the Snowman”, in late 2017, and “Alice in Wonderland” in the fall of 2016.


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Open Hours

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